La Cima Towers

In this project, I had the opportunity to work with Basort, which is an Architects Agency based in Querétaro, Mexico. The goal of the project was to sell those elegant departments, and my contribution to the project was developing the website. With all the branding and the renders already made, I started doing a little research, looking for the key values, so, I interviewed some persons of the of the sales team department about the main ideas that they wanted to transmit to their target market. With this interviews and the graphic material, I evaluated the importance of each image, render, video, etc. With this process, I was able, to determine the hierarchy of the information for the web.

Year:2016Tools:Photoshop, Worpress, Atom, Pano2VR

The first key value that they wanted to transmit, was the slogan, this express the value of live in “La Cima Towers”, the next key value was the logo, which is the image that the target will keep in their mind, and the last key value, was the image of these departments. So, I made an animation in the beginning to the web, with the slogan, then the logo, and at last, the whole image of this departments. I did this with revolution slider, a Wordpress plugin.


The web its made in Wordpress with BeTheme, which use plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. I choose this environment and with some HTML/CSS changes, I get the result I want.

360º VIEW

The most important goal of this website, it was, that the customer could “visit” and know how are the departments inside, so the solution was a 360º tour. With the software Pano2VR I can render an interactive 360º tour, then I embed it into the website, in a totally responsive experience. In this way anyone with a cellphone or PC, could know the concept of “La Cima Towers”.


Since the beginning of the project, one of the major goals was to make a responsive website, because our target is persons who usually used their smartphones to find whatever they want. So, what I do, was made no just the website responsive, even, the 360º tour, the intro animation, and a chat, where the customers could contact a sales representative.