About me

Since I remember I've always been a creative person, the first design I made was a poster for my favorite band, and my first website was a declaration of love for a girl, all those on my teenager age.

I believe that as a Designer we can do everything, that's why I love Design.

Design Lover

Using or looking a good piece of design is something I enjoy, inspires me to do better design and be a better designer.


Maybe, my Legos and "Art-Attack." were the beginnings of all this, when a was a kid, I remember making tracks with paperboard for my "Hot-Wheels." Then when I was a teenager "Paint" blow my mind, I remember editing my Winamp's skins with Paint, it was amazing. ¿That's being creative? ¿Right?


Every day we have a new app, new hardware, new languages, new devices, etc. And it's exciting because allows me to play with all those stuff, and learn more techniques that I can use for design.

Team Member

For me, be a part team member is more than just do your job, it's about of being open to new ideas, is being helpful we others, it's always doing what we can do, in order to reach that goal.


Discover all the features of that new TV without using the Manual or fixing my computer upgrading the hard disk is something that I enjoy.



Have you been a hardcore fan of any band? I was and it was so cool because I met a lot of people, but the best thing was that I started to fall in love of graphic design. My first design was a poster/wallpaper, years later I had their autograph on that poster.



When you like someone, you do a lot of stupid things. I don't! I did a web site, and it was love at first sight. I made this site with some songs declaring my love to this girl at that time. I made it with Macromedia Flash using HTML iFrames and it was fantastic to discover those techniques at that point.

2009 — 2011


Once I decided to study Graphic Design, I realized the cost of the University, so, I started to work in iShop, which is an Apple Retail Store in Mexico. During 3 years working here I understood all the core values behind Apple and how they use emotions to sell their products.

2011 — 2014


My first great chance to get inside of the “Designers Word” was at Idea y Media, which is a Digital Marketing Agency based on Querétaro, It was great because everything was new for me, so I learned about everything. Such as Print; doing logotypes, corporative Identities, also Digital Design creating content for social media.

2013 — 2015


Once I was studying Multimedia Graphic Design, I had to split my time working at iShop and Freelancing also, it was not easy, but I did it with all the passion I had. For me, it was very important to study Graphic Design, because I had to learn all the foundations of this profession I love. But here I learned more than just design, I learned about how to develop a business and the marketing behind this.

2014 — 2016


During my last year of University, y worked at GRUPO VIER, which is a Communications Agency based on Querétaro, my job here was Design and Code websites, landing pages or newsletters, but also worked shooting video and doing some animations. It was a very cool experience where I developed this mature Designer inside of me.

2016 — 2017


Looking for a better opportunity I found a new challenge at BRADA, which is a Branding Agency based in Querétaro, as Leader Designer my duties were more about managing clients, designers, and projects, keeping the deadlines and the quality on every project. A great way to grow up as a person and as a professional.

2018 — Now


Now I'm happily working at WALO, which is an Advertising in Dallas, Texas, working as a Multimedia Graphic Designer.